Snook Elementary School

Snook Elementary School seeks to provide a positive and nurturing environment for all students. We want the students to learn and experience daily success. We work to instill in each student a sense of community responsibility and the importance of life-long learning. Our goal is to have all students reach their individual potential and have a desire to learn new things.

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Reliable MINDSET

The road to being a great adult starts with being a good child! It starts with small steps early in life, and that journey often begins with three great core principles: dependability, accountability, and reliability. Here are three very easy ways to teach children about reliability.

1 – WHATEVER YOU DO, DO IT WELL. Teach kids to do their best work no matter if the task is important or mindless. Doing anything half way – from school work to dishes to hobbies, is never a good habit to fall into. Teach kids to take pride in work, be it little or big. That doesn’t mean that everything needs to be perfect. Absolutely don’t fall into the perfect trap. But it does mean that they need to step up and give it their best, most sincere, “shot!” If you can’t handle the small things in life, you will never be able to handle the big things.

2 – BE CONSISTENT AND FINISH WHAT YOU START. Consistency is a huge part of how to teach children reliability, as is finishing things in life. You don’t want your child to be the one who does great work in school, gets A’s for a month, and then slacks off when it gets tough. Or the child who is there for his friends during the fun times but disappears when a friend truly needs them in a crisis. These children lack consistency and will never earn trust from others – and will never learn to trust themselves. Consistently doing the right thing, even when it isn’t easy, is always the best policy. And maybe even more important is to see things through and finish ideas, tasks, projects, and commitments – even when it is less than easy or exciting.

3 – BE HONEST. If mainstream media constantly gets a story wrong, viewers will quickly turn the channel and lose trust. Having sat in the anchor chair at a major news network for a long time, I know just how quickly people turn on you when you get the facts wrong! Children also give “news” and details and facts to other kids and, if those details and stories are wrong, friends stop believing their words and soon stop being around. We can deceive others in very straightforward ways (lying, cheating, stealing) but it also happens in more subtle ways as well. Simply with a look, or a gesture, or an action. Also by telling “half truths” or only one part of a story.