Snook ISD

Summer School Information



Snook ISD will be offering Summer School for those students who are in need of an additional administration of 5th & 8th grade Reading and/or Math STAAR tests, High School EOC retests, and HS students in need of credit recovery.

Students who did not pass the March administration of 5th/8th grade Reading and/or Math STAAR test should plan on attending summer school. Results from the May administration are expected by May 31st and will be communicated to parents as quickly as possible.


5th & 8th Reading/Math STAAR - June 1 through 22nd (excluding Fridays), 8-11 am. Retesting dates are 21st & 22nd.

High School Credit Recovery - June 1 through 16th (excluding Fridays) 8-11 am. Students wishing to attend require approval from Mrs. Orsak before the last day of school.

High School EOC Review - July 5 through 7, 8-11 am. Testing dates are July 11-15 beginning at 8 am.