Snook ISD

Snook ISD 2016-2017 Bus Route Changes


Deer Forest  Bus #18:


Re-route using CR 269 to CR 270 to FM 1361 to Deer Forest during FM 2155 construction.



Clay Bus #15:


Re-route using FM 60 to FM 50 to Clay, then to FM 1361, turn around at FM 2155, return FM 50 to FM 60 to school.


                Clay route will only have 3 permanent stops in Clay.

  1. Old River Ranch entrance.
  2. Intersection of CR 444 and Douglas Street
  3. Intersection of Palmer Street and Kaye Street



2155 – Snook – Front Beaver Creek Bus #19 (formerly Bus #21):


Bus will pick up FM 2155, then to CR 269 East, CR 268, Apartments, turn around at RV Park, then BlueJay Trail, then Front of Beaver Creek and then return to school.



Centerline Bus #22:                    


Add pick up on FM 60 East at grain bins then proceed on FM 60 to Centerline route and to school.



Snook Bus #19:        Consolidated with other routes.



Tunis Bus #23:          No change.



Back Beaver Creek Bus #16:       No change.



As usual, all changes will take time to perfect, so the route pick-up times will be better determined after the first week of school. Each driver should have a general idea of what time they should arrive at their stops. Students should be prepared to be at their stop early.