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Snook Elementary School seeks to provide a positive and nurturing environment for all students. We want the students to learn and experience daily success.  We work to instill in each student a sense of community responsibility and the importance of life-long learning.  Our goal is to have all students reach their individual potential and have a desire to learn new things. 


We are learning about

Generous Mindset


Generosity has nothing to do with what we give or how much we give. Instead, it’s the spirit we give in, our intention, motivation, and attitude of mind.


Generosity does not require a great big bank account. Instead, it simply requires a great big heart that is focused on the needs of others.
Generosity does not always involve giving tangible items to other people. Instead, it is often an intangible gift of time or gratitude.

Generosity is not just an act to practice during the holiday season.  Instead, it is a gift to be given year-round.
Consider creating a new family tradition that is centered around the act of generosity...and find that YOU are the true recipient!


Generous means sharing
With someone in need.
Sharing means caring,
Doing a good deed.


Generous means no one goes without
Things they need, like food and clothes.
All for one and one for all –
That’s generous indeed.