Guidance Counselor

The goal of Snook ISD Elementary School Counseling Program is to foster respect, instill responsibility, and inspire enthusiasm of learning for all students as they prepare to meet the challenges of our changing world.

The counseling program maximizes student potential in academic, career, personal, and social/emotional development with a safe, supportive, caring, and nurturing environment, so all children achieve success. Collaboration with families, staff, and community is also encouraged for student success.

The school counselor helps the student to:

  • Find solutions to problems
  • Meet the challenges of growing up
  • Have a better understanding and appreciation of his/her self
  • Understand that having good character will help a person be successful in school and life

Students can talk to the counselor about:

  • Personal problems that can affect their attitude and performance at school
  • Social Issues, such as how to deal with peer pressure
  • Study skills and ways to improve in academic areas
  • Career development and planning for the future

Counselors also:

  • Meet with students through guidance, individual, and group counseling
  • Coordinate school programs
  • Assist in state testing
  • Conduct screening for Advanced Academic Programs (AAP)

Please contact me if you have any questions 
or wish to visit with me about your child.

Character Education

During the school year, our elementary students will do a Character Education study. This study includes the Keys to Successful Character. By learning the meaning of the keys and how to put them into practice daily, the students will better understand how to have good behavior at school and wherever they are. The Keys to Successful Character are:

Honesty  ~  Respect  ~  Responsibility  ~  Cooperation  ~  Good Choices

Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) - GT Program

Advanced Academic Program is designed for students who are capable of performing at remarkably higher levels than other students of the same age, experiences, and environment.

Students enrolled in Snook ISD have equal access to AAP through the established screening and identification process.

Elementary students in grades K-5 who are nominated will be screened for placement in the program.

Nominated students are screened using a variety of measures. Typical measures may include achievement and ability tests. Other measures may be used to gain a clear indication of a student's potential.

Please contact me to request a nomination form.