Prevention & Intervention


Parent Strategies to Prevent Bullying

  • Teach your children to respect others and their differences.
  • Model respectful behavior.
  • Use the "teachable moments." When watching TV or witnessing an even in public that is clearly bullying, talk to your child about that incident. "How would you feel?" "What could you have done?" "Why is this not a good (nice) way to behave?"
  • Let your child know that inexcusable behavior by others (other children or even adults) is NOT an excuse for their bad behavior.
  • Teach empathy. "How do you think that person feels?" "Why?" "Would you want someone to treat you or members of your family or your friends that way?"
  • Talk with your child about what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior when using communication and information technologies.
  • Be aware of your child's time on the computer and cell phone and the websites he/she visits.

If Your Child Is Being Bullied

  • Help him/her learn coping skills.
  • Alert the school if it is happening on campus or a school sponsored event/trip.
  • Continue to monitor what is happening.
  • Help your child understand the need to tell.
  • Don't let fear of retaliation keep you from reporting the incident.