The High School program is the “Voice of Democracy” (VOD).  This year’s theme is “Where do we go from here?”  Last year, we did not have any entries for VOD, and sadly, left scholarship money on the table. If you have anyone even remotely interested, please encourage them to look into this. The top 3 local winners receive $300, $400, and $500, and win more if advanced in District competition.

The details are outlined in their entirety at this website https://www.vfw.org/VOD/ , and the entry forms are found at this link. https://9e0828bf-16ea-40c4-b5ed-1941b1f50033.filesusr.com/ugd/a85cfb_af51efa5bb4b4c7f8cde84bee35e0f77.pdf

Eligibility rules for VOD are here: https://9e0828bf-16ea-40c4-b5ed-1941b1f50033.filesusr.com/ugd/2fb318_6cad433ba2c84ae7be2e934db68ecdd8.pdf